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Be Among the First to Use the Latest Cutting-Edge Science to Get as Healthy on the Inside as You Look on The Outside by Doing One Thing: Loving Your Cells!

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A customized prevention program of testing, training and transformation from the inside out

(Coming in 2018!)

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This program, the only one of its kind led by a Master-Level Gerontologist, will:

  • Establish a baseline of what’s happening in your cells NOW
  • Screen for premature aging and track your rate-of-aging over time
  • Give you a personalized plan for your best nutrition, workouts & lifestyle to strengthen your cells, maintain youth, optimal fitness and energy – and look great too!
  • Inspire you to use your body as a beta test as Lori did, using clinical data to empower you to make the best health decisions in your 20s 30s and 40s for your best life!

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Lori-Profile-2-Rod.jpgLori Campbell, Gerontologist, M.S.
Cell Love Evangelist, Telomere Truth Teller & Prevention Practitioner

At age 55, clinically testing biologically younger, fitter and healthier than ever before – Lost visceral body fat and gained lean muscle. Lori will be sharing the “how” in and through Cell Love Revolution(™)

Body Sculptor | Plant-based Lifter | Lover of Life